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You can drive a ATV (quad) bike on your own and our guide will lead you to see the most attractive and spectacular rock-cut valleys of Cappadocia.

You will have a chance to have a different and memorable sightseeing experience, as you will drive between those different hills, beautiful valleys and dunes with your friends.

Our guided ATV Tours range from 2- to 8- hour tours.

2 Hour ATV ride : Depart from Goreme, Cavusin(off-road), Rose Valley, Girls Monastery, Red Valley, Swords Valley and Zemi Valley

4 hour ATV ride : Depart from Goreme, Cavusin(off-road), RoSe Valley, Girls Monastery, Red Valley, Swords Valley, Zemi Valley, Babatcik Valley, Aydin Kiragi, Iceri Dere Valley




We truly cater to riders of all levels. Many of our customers have never been on a horse before. Pretty much none of these first-timers say they will never get on a horse again after their experience here. We take pride in offering a safe riding environment with well-trained horses and experienced guides. Regardless of your level of riding, we will provide an unforgettable experience to augment your stay in the Cappadocia region.

One hour

Ride along the banks of the Kizilirmak river

Two hours

Ride up Ziyaret mountain for a beautiful view and a visit to a refreshing natural spring

Four hours

Ride along the banks of the Kizilirmak river to the tiny fishing village of Sarihidir then on to the 13th century caravansera Sarihan




In folk music and dances we find powerful reflections of the human experience over thousands of the years, expressed with a passion unmatched elsewhere, In an underground restaurant you can test Cappadocia wine, join the dance and enjoy your night time in Cappadocia.
– Traditional Dances from 7 different regions of Anatolia
– Belly Dance Oriental Show
– Turkish Dinner
– Unlimited Drink
– Whirling Dervishes Ceremony




The branch of Sufic mysticism practiced widely in contemporary Turkey is rooted in a man called Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, and is famous for its Whirling Dervish Tradition, where through rotating on the left foot by crossing over it with the right, the Dervish reaches a spinning intensity, rotating to the music that musicians play close by. As we observe them them revolve with their necks out and their head leaning to the side, we sense that they are in love with their way of life. Sufism is apart from the Islamic religion because of its nature as a kind of transcendental metaphysics which accepts all religions as one and is founded upon universal and unconditional forgiveness.

Idea: This tour gives the story of Sufism and their communities in Cappadocia, Turkey, today.You will meet the Sufi community and their monastery.You will listen to their music.You will eye-witness the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony in Cappadocia. This ceremony is presented every day at the historical Selcuk Caravaserai (12 century).


Each day in Cappadocia there is a ceremony of the whirling dervishes.


Donkey safari in Ihlara Valley.


You can get a safari with doney in ihlara valley . it departure from seliem cathdral into ihlara valley.